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Please note, during the show days, no vehicle traffic is permitted on the show grounds, between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm. The safety of our patrons is very important to us! Vehicles cannot move until after 6:00 pm during show days.


  1.  For applications to be reviewed, photographs of items for sale and vendor space/display is required to be submitted.
  2.  Rules and Regulations must be adhered to or qualification for the next year will be voided.
  3.  For safety and liability reasons, no vehicle movement will be permitted in the festival area beginning at 8:00am through Sunday at 5:00pm during festival hours or without prior authorization. (emergency services will provide gate access and escort during event hours if needed)
  4.  Please see the remapping of Vendor/Food/Concessions parking for the 2023 festival.

Can I still camp in my vendor location?

No new authorizations will be made. Previous vendors shall be grandfathered in for authorization for the 2023 event, however, the Spring Market area will have security measures installed that will prevent any vehicles from entry or exit once in place days prior to the event. We are highly recommending for vendors to utilize available camping spaces through the Pioneer Park office at 863-473-5078

When does my area have to be set up by?

All vendors agree to have their space prepared and open for business during show times. Thursday - Saturday 9:00am - 6:00pm and Sunday 9:00am - 5:00pm. Vendors are required to check out Sunday after 4:00pm at the Visit Hardee Office. Staff will contact security to open the exit point for vehicle movement and provide assistance with any pedestrian traffic in the area during vehicle movement.

Why have rates and rules changed?

After 55 years of an amazing event, it's time to renovate this area, among others, to bring to an industry standard vendors, visitors, and staff have come to expect at other locations. These renovations place the Spring Market at Pioneer Festival in a position for better security measures, beautification, and validation to visitors there will be plenty to see and buy during all hours of the festival, including up until closing hours each day. 

What if I can't be there every day?

Please reach out to the office for review at 863-473-5070. However, in general, any vendor unable to be present during the duration of the show will be placed in designated locations by the Pioneer Festival Committee Map Planning and not subject to reserving any specific vendor spots, this includes pre-paid areas.

Pioneer Festival FAQs - EXHIBITORS

Are exhibitors able to leave early?

Please contact the Visit Hardee Office to discuss any situation requiring an early pull-out. In general, we ask all exhibitors not to leave prior to 4:00pm Sunday, March 5. The public is paying to come in to see exhibits all 4 Days during festival hours, we ask you please honor that dedication of our community and make your exhibit available to them during hours.


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