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The Spring Market | previously known as 'the flea market'

Please read the updated Rules & Regulations on the Spring Market Vendor Application link as some areas have been updated.

You are now able to submit pictures of your display and/or items you sale for review! This will become mandatory in 2024 and is highly recommended for the 2023 show.

Displays will be added to the ends of each aisle to add aisle designation with beautification and times of the Spring Market so attendees know when to expect vendors to be open for business each day. We are working towards providing a secure area for the Spring Market in future years as we expand into nightly entertainment in other areas of the festival.  

Please note: No vehicle movement will be permitted from 9am-6pm Thursday through Saturday and 9am-5pm Sunday without prior arrangements with the office and security due to risks to pedestrians. **upon emergency, 911 dispatch will have security escort movement and open gates**

The Vintage Belle Market 

The Vintage Belle Market is a shabby chic, upscale market for handmade artisans, crafters, and custom boutiques or small businesses.

Many vendors in this area are also found at the Fancy Flea and the Vintage Market of Southwest Florida. 

Secret Gardens Winery  will be in attendance and we host a Sip & Shop Friday, March 3rd, 2023 from 4pm-6pm

Located at the only entrance of the festival and beside The Hardee County Showcase Tent, vendors are sure to catch the eyes of attendees.

Tractor & Engine Exhibit

Where it all began! We love our tractor & engine exhibitors and so do our festival attendees! 

Below is the link to register to exhibit, we would love to have you! 

**Please note**

Our attendees, young and old,  come to see your exhibits, talk about years past, learn how these engines function, and hear all the clacking of the engines!  Please keep your display open during show hours and until 4pm Sunday. We understand some must leave early, however, the more who will stay open will set the expectation for attendees to know there's still things to see after work Thursday - Saturday and after church Sunday.

Help us grow this area beyond its glory and better than ever before! Thank you so much for coming!

Car | Truck | Jeep Show   | Saturday, March 4, 20223

This display has built up to over 120 vehicles all makes, models, and years! We would love to see your ride and hear your story!

People's Choice award and prize drawings are held. Each exhibitor gets a display plaque and one day admission to enjoy Pioneer Festival any day of their choice.

Click below for General Rules & Regulations on the Exhibitor App.

***Car | Truck | Jeep Exhibitors will enter from SR64 at the furthest west park gate by Peace River.

Hardee Co. Eat | Play | Shop | Stay Showcase | Hardee County Welcome Tent

If your business is in one of the categories above (eat, play, shop, and/or stay) then your business contributes to the local economy through capturing visitor spend money. Visit Hardee exists to promote and market these specific businesses, services, products, etc. in Hardee County and we want to share you with over 10,000 people who attend the Pioneer Festival! The Welcome to Hardee County Tent is the main entrance to the Pioneer Festival and open Thursday - Saturday 9am-6pm and Sunday 9am-5pm.

  • Set up is at no cost to you.
  • You are able to display your business, services, products, etc.
  • Feel free to make sales, bookings, etc. while you're there
  • Spaces are 10 x 10 but if you need additional room (for like a kayak) just let us know below!

Spaces are limited so submit your business today!


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